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Babies First Outfit Keepsake

One of the most exciting times in a families lives is when it grows with a brand new addition. We personally are very lucky to have had much growth (lots of grandbabies and hoping for more to come). With a first child we often try to save every single little thing because everything is a first not only for the child but also for us. As time marches on and more babies are born there are so many times that we as parents can no longer save every lil moment. Our days are busier and rushed with more children and there are times we do not take a pause to really experience all of the first again...of course we do still get excited over the biggies- first smile, first word, first step and so on. But I personally do not very many moms of multiple children all excited for the first diaper change or the first burp up. Guess that is just part of what makes parenting so amazing everything really is different for each child and the moments that are cherished are equally different. One thing is for sure though no matter how many children you have the out fit your baby goes home in is always a big deal - from elaborate designer cloths, cozy comfy sleepers and even hand made outfit most every new mom is excited for this moment.

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Over years this tiny lil outfit becomes a keepsake like no other. I know that my son who is a very big man started out as a very tiny baby and was even considered a preemie. I love to pull out his tiny lil outfit and hold it up to him from time to time just to remind him of the days I could hold him in my arms. Of course as time keeps going that tiny lil outfit gets brought out less and less.

Being able to have that memory with you is a priceless thing. As I get older I realize how much I want all of my memories with me at all times, so throughout my day I can go back and enjoy all my special moments. Keeping a small part of your babies first outfit in a keepsake is definitely a wonderful way to do that.

This beautiful Pandora compatible bead was created from a small scrap of fabric from a babies very first outfit. The tiny pink roses and polk-a-dots give this keepsake a unique design. It is now not only a sweet mother and daughter memory but it is an heirloom that is able to be passed down.

Would you pass your baby outfit down to your first grand-daughter or grand-son?

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