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".Absolutely love it, it's fresh and imagination of work......"

Denise M.

" daughters charm just got here, I'm sooo emotional. thank you very much  it came out beautiful I love it...RIP baby girl mommy will always love you..."

Jasmine S..

"...Everything Angela does she puts a little of herself into! You won't be disappointed!..."

Mandi R.


Customer Image _ More than Memories Keep

First Mother's Day, and birthday, without my mother Sarah, just days away, has left me extremely emotional and in need of feeling close to her. Arrived home tonight after difficult day at work feeling very alone to discover a beautiful box with what feels like a hug from my mother. Mom always told me " a mother knows when you need them the most and will find a way to be there". Thank you for bringing my mother to me today" Cynthia K.

photographer Tim Suefert

She Loved It! Tim S.

Taylors Cozy Nook Review_edited

I love my bead more than you can know. Thank you so much for the work of heart you put into it Alicia T.

breast milk jewelry

I am in complete awe of your creations. Stacey C.

flower petal jewelry

Last night I cried when I opened my beautiful necklace that has my moms hair and funeral flowers. The wait was worth it! I can't believe for the price how amazing and meaningful this piece of jewelry is! Angela Banister you did a wonderful job and I am so grateful. I will be recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks again for my necklace, the two cross necklaces, and the pandora beads! I love it more than you will ever know Jasmine D.

Deborah Reynolds - New Keepsake Beads on

I can not express the joy your Memorial beads bring me. Always having a tangible piece of my daddy everywhere I go is such a blessing - thank you so much Deborah R.

fur keepsake

I love my surprise from my husband...awesome idea...has a little bit of Megan's fur inside the bead it'self. I sure miss my Megan. Shannon B

Horse Hair Tassel

...Awesome job! So very Talented. I just told her I wanted something to hang on my saddle and left everything else to her. It's Perfect!...I do believe she puts a little piece of her heart into every keepsake she creates. Cindy A.

cremation ash necklace

Absolutely beautiful products that are sentimental and make a wonderful gift. Samantha B.

flower petal and cremation ash bead

The keepsake made out of my father’s cremains and flower petals was truly amazing! Angela took extreme care and love while creating this one of a kind piece. Even in the midst of her own personal issues, she kept me updated on the progress made and when I should be expecting my bead. This piece is something that I will hold close to my heart forever and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to entrust this with.

flower petal jewelry

She really does some beautiful work! She listens to you and what you want, then gives you many choices to pick from. Just this year 2016, My Wonderful Mom passed, My Amazing Sister passed & My Sweet Mother in Law. So, I truly needed her help and she was a Blessing in my life, to help me during the most tragic times of my life. Thank you so very much Kelley J.

Thank you_Horse Hair Bracelet_More than

Thank you for this beautiful piece of jewelry! ...this bracelet is made from Mono Lisa's Hair...Absolutely LOVE it!!! Cindy A.

horse hair bracelet necklace earring hair bracelets made from Catus main and tail. Beautiful work by Angela once again. The beautiful choker with matching earrings was made with Mona Lisa's tail. I can't stop starring at them. Cindy A.

cremation ash dog tag

I want to thank you for another awesome job. The different colors of my dad, grandpa, and grandma looks so good the way you done it. You honestly don't know how much you mean to me and I'm sure a lot of others would say the same thing with the work you do. Thank you again. John M.

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