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Congratulations is in order

In recent years breastfeeding has taken some hard knocks in society even thought it is the most natural way to feed a baby. Many moms not only struggled with the backlash in society but also struggle to be able to complete the breastfeeding journey for their intended time. So when a mom full fills her personal goal then Congratulations is in order!!

Recently my sister in love Audra completed her personal breastfeeding goal. To commemorate her and her daughters journey I was asked to create her a breast milk heart ring and to add a breastfeeding milestone award inside.

This sterling silver heart ring includes a small amount of Audra's own breast milk and small 24k gold flakes for her breastfeeding milestone award.

I am always so happy to be able to create these unique keepsakes, however making these heirloom pieces for those I know and love - like my sister in love - is truly a heartwarming thing. Congratulations Audra and every mom out there that are making your breastfeeding goals and working hard to meet them. The journey and bond is something that will stay with you and your child forever.

Did you and your precious little one have a unique breastfeeding journey? Tell us about it in the comments below

Are you looking to have a custom keepsake created using your own breast milk? Contact me today to set you your own consultation!

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