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Rose Petal Rosary with Keepsake Box

I love when someone ask me to create a unique rosary with their special materials. From Flowers, Cremation Ash, Breast Milk, Locks of Hair and more, each one is so unique and it is always and honor for me to create such a meaningful keepsake.

This rosary set was a special request from a very special person in my life. A few years ago I lost my uncle to cancer. My Aunt was so happy when I got her a Pandora Bracelet for Mothers Day and made her an Alabama Themed Keepsake Bead to wear on it, that she asked me to make several things for her family, my cousins and several of her friends. Amazingly she never asked me to make a single thing for her.

Of course her flowers were limited since so much time had passed and it touched my heart that she would offer the small amount of her keepsake flowers to give peace to someone else.

I created the items that she wanted me to make for others, and was careful to hold back a few petals to create her a special gift. A Rosary that included the flowers from his memorial service.

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I created the "Our Father" and "Glory Be" Beads using the Rose Petals, Stems, and Leaves from my Uncles Memorial Service. The "Hail Mary" Beads are all swarovski crystals that were chosen to compliment the unique colors in the flower petal beads. Each bead hand strung by myself.

Here is a photo of the Swarovski Crystals that I prepared along with the rose petal beads, I was so nervous to get it just right that it took me a lil while just to pick what would be the best color to use. I love the way the colors all compliment the rose petal beads and I am very happy with the final color selection.

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I wanted to make sure that my Aunt had a beautiful way to keep and display her Flower Petal Keepsake Rosary. It was very important to me that whatever I created for her storage was as beautiful as the Rosary itself. But still honored the true ways of my beloved Uncle. What better way to do that than to have a gorgeous solid wood keepsake box, lined with satin. I hand sanded and stained this solid wood box and lined it with this lovely white satin and I will add the last of her flower petals in a packet in the lid with one of my favorite quotes.

She has always been very dear to my heart for so many reasons, but when she was so willing to give what lil bit she had to his daughters (and to me because she was happy for me to make me a lil bit of something too) then my heart melted and there was no way I could let the opportunity pass me by to create her a couple of keepsakes that she will be able to cherish forever.

I am very happy with how the entire set came out and I can only hope that she will be equally happy with this as a gift. And for anyone who is worried that this blog post will ruin her Christmas surprise- it is ok. she is not online ;) Just make sure no one spills the beans when y'all talk to her!

I would love to know what you think....leave your comments below!

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