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Welcome to More than Memories Keepsakes. I have been creating and designing for to many years to even count anymore. There is nothing I love to do more than to create something meaningful for someone, and these keepsakes are the perfect meaningful gift. Preserving memories for all occasions and times though out life. From Flowers, Breast Milk, Articles of Cloths, Cremation Ash and more each of these keepsakes are all hand made by me. I only use the highest quality materials and I always put love into each piece that I create.

More than Memories Keepsakes

I have recently set up this website to have a place to share only my keepsake work. Everything use to be posted at my "Crafty Compliments" page....I am very excited to be able to display my keepsakes separate from some of my other creative designs and I hope that each of you will enjoy my work as well. I look forward to your comments and learning all about you.

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