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Mr & Mrs Keepsake Beads

There are so many moments in life that we never want to forget and the day we are joined in marriage is one of those times. When my son was married I was over come with so many different emotions. It was difficult for me to see my sweet baby boy all grown up and a man. Of course it is something I would never want to forget...not even one moment of it. I love all the photos that everyone took, but I couldn't help holding onto my corsage, I watched over time the color change and the dust start collecting. It was such a heart ache to see this beautiful memory fading away. So of course I just HAD to find a way to preserve what was left of my flowers....and it was on. I studied and spent loads of time perfecting a technique to keep part of my corsage with me.

It did not take me long to become a very good friend of our local florist shop with all of my practice flowers. I was also very blessed that family, friends and loved ones was very generous to let me have extra flowers from their gardens and special occasions to practice with.

Once I had gotten my technique down I was so excited to start work on my very own keepsake, and there is no way that I could ever left out my beautiful Daughter-In-Law and her wonderful mother. So away I went to create us all a set of Pandora compatible beads for each of us.

My Daughter-In-Law wanted the "Mr. & Mrs." and her mom wanted only the flowers and I could not help but to add the mono-gram from their invitations into mine. I wear it everyday. Everywhere I go my keepsake gives me the opportunity to brag on my son and his wife- which of course bragging on my family is my all time favorite thing to do!

Since creating my own wedding corsage keepsake, I have been asked to do several different variations. Each one is completely unique.

Check out some of my other flower/floral keepsake creations here and let me know what you think!

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