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How Do I Clean & Care For My Keepsake?

Your keepsake is very durable and is created using only the highest quality materials. That being said there are many ways to make sure your keepsake will stand the test of time and will stay in a condition worthy of becoming a family heirloom. 

Do not bath, swim or sleep in your keepsake jewelry, this will likely cause scratches and/or scrapes or other damage to your keepsake piece. If you do happen to damage your keepsake - contact me. Many times I am able to re-pair your piece...even if you did not purchase it from

More than Memories Keepsakes

(prices vary depending on the level of repair needed)

Sunlight and heat have been known to have damaging effects on many items in our lives. This is no different with your keepsakes. Store your keepsake piece out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. 

Do not submerge your keepsake in water or use harsh chemicals on it.  Wipe your keepsakes down with a cleaning cloth orr a soft cotton fabric. There is no need to add any polish or other cleaner to your cleaning cloth. Contact me if you have gotten something on your keepsake that will not come off with gentle wiping.

(prices for cleaning vary depending on the level of cleaning services that are needed}

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