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How Much Material Does It Take To Make A Keepsake?

I handcraft each piece of jewelry just for you. Depending on the technique used, I can create lavish pieces with many materials, or I can create an equally beautiful piece with only a trace amount. Below, find a sample materials list and suggested amounts. However, since I customize each piece, I can work with more or less material. Also, this list is not exhaustive. Please contact me with any questions.

Breast Milk Jewelry

I have worked diligently to prefect my Breast Milk Jewelry techniques. I also only use materials that are created especially to accommodate the material matter in the breast milk so that I am able to use a minimal amount for each keepsake.  For most pieces 2 Tablespoons (30 mL) of breast milk is all that is required. But I am able to work with smaller amounts when needed.  For larger breast milk jewelry and other keepsakes or additional items I will need additional breast milk. 



For most keepsakes I only need approximately a 2X2 inch square. Of course I am able to work with smaller fabric pieces.  

Flowers & Floral


It's best if you send a small handful of each kind of flower you wish to use - I usually like to have at least 1-2 large or 3-4 small petals per piece (of each kind if mix), and some extra since I keep them on permanent file for you should you ever wish to order more pieces or ever lose or damage a piece.  Feel free to send more, this is just a minimum...however, I can make a single bead with just one rose petal - so don't worry if you just have a few petals.

Cremation Ash


Approximately 1/4 tsp of cremation ash is needed to create a Pandora compatible keepsake bead. Other keepsakes will require more depending on the size of your keepsake. Any materials that are not used are returned along with your keepsake.

Hair & Fur

Pandora compatible Beads: this only requires a small amount of hair or fur. Very versatile for hair and fur amounts. 

Victorian Hair Art- Requires approximately a 2' area when laid flat.

Hair Weaving: Hair weaving requires hair of length and your keepsake is adjusted around the length of hair that I will be working with . Hair weaving length minimum is 6 inches.  I always return any hair not used in the creation of these pieces

Rosaries & Chaplets


Due to the size of a Rosary or Chaplet more materials are normally needed to create an entire Rosary. There are many variations and all elements are able to be used to create your keepsake rosary. 

Flowers: It is best to send 2-4 flowers for a solid rose petal rosary. 

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